Ghostbusters (2016)


I’d be lying if I said I actually wanted to see this. That wasn’t because I was one of the many that violently hated the idea that a classic was being remade. I just didn’t care. Hollywood is having a hard time finding original scripts, so to me it was logical that something like Ghostbusters would be the latest to be remade. But…then my curiosity got the better of me. We have a trailer that I believe holds the record for the most dislikes. The actresses are getting mercilessly attacked simply for just being in it, not because of their performance. And of course, it keeps getting negative reviews across the board. I just had to see for myself if this was really the abomination people claim it to be. Remakes are far from bring a new concept, so why was everyone collectively losing their shit about this one? After being able to see it after months of it being pummeled by the public, I can honestly say…

It definitely DOES NOT deserve all of the hate it’s getting. There are several different factors that go into why it actually works as a whole, so bear with me. The movie is set in its own time, and thankfully does not try to reference back to the original. Of course, we get cameos from many of the original cast members. However, they’re random bit parts that feel more like nostalgia than anything else. I will say it is the classic “bad guy trying to destroy NYC” plot, but it  doesn’t feel quite as predictable as you might think. I have to admit my biggest concern was the cast.

Each actress has a very strong personality, so I was fully expecting them to basically try and “out-act” each other. When the movie starts, that’s exactly what happens. The first 20-25 minutes is nothing but caricatures, and it just feels like everyone is trying way too hard to be a believable character.  I mean we’re subjected to a queef (you might not want to Google that) joke within the first 15 minutes, so I was worried that they would go with bathroom or sex humor to compensate. Thankfully, all that disappears around the half hour mark, and it’s actually kind of cool to see each actress play her respective part well. Also, I was probably way more entertained by Chris Helmsworth playing the idiot receptionist than I should have been, but whatever.

So the cast kicked ass, the story is borderline hokey and yet still tolerable…but there is one thing I kind of have to nitpick about: the ghosts. I felt like I was on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World for 2 hours. I didn’t expect actual scary ghosts, but I also didn’t think the special effects would be as bland as they were. They’re not horrible, but I kind of expected something a bit different since special effects have improved so much in the last 30+ years. Like I said, I had to nitpick. Overall, I think it earns  3.5/5. It has heart. It grows on you. It’s the classic underdog concept in cinematic form. It’s really not fair to try and compare this to the original, because it tried its damnedest to stand on its own. It is a victim of poor pacing and overacting in the beginning, but once that goes away it’s a lot of goofy fun. The idea to touch Ghostbusters is still debatable, however how these people chose to do it isn’t all that bad. So if you’re one of the many that’s boycotting this just because it exists, don’t. I legitimately cannot find a solid reason to hate this in any way. Support it, and respect those involved for being ballsy enough to actually do it.


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