Captain America: Civil War (2016)


Confession time: I always chose DC over Marvel (except for Deadpool, but we’ll save that for another time).  I was all about Batman…then I got older and got a bit tired of the depressing story-lines that DC is known for. My first time dealing with Marvel was the first Iron Man movie, and my love for Marvel just grew from there. However…I never got into Captain America. I just always felt like he was this overly eager goody two shoes, and that irritated the hell out of me. To keep things clear and simple, I’m only going to talk about the Captain America in the current Marvel movie universe, and not the new abomination in the comics. Anyways, my annoyance for him carried on even into his own movies. I haven’t even finished the first Captain America movie that came out in 2011, and didn’t bother with The Winter Soldier. I have asked friends for the basic overview of both, and have done enough research to confidently review the latest installment. So with that…

This is arguably one of my favorite Marvel movies. Yes, there’s the incredibly large (and high body count filled) action sequences, but Civil War goes in a different direction that I don’t think enough superhero movies explore: the psychological. Before anyone jumps down my throat, I didn’t say it hasn’t been done or that it hasn’t been done well. But seeing one man dissolve the “leaders” of the Avengers by himself? Damn it, I am impressed. Then there’s the title character who basically abandons his post just to help a friend from his past. Think about the implications here: Captain America, the symbol for everything good and righteous, turns his back on almost half of his team just to save one person from being wrongly accused, and leaves a substantial trail of damage along the way. This was not your standard “good will triumph over evil”. Honestly, the argument could be made that this whole situation was morally ambiguous at best.

I give it 4/5. The best part of the whole movie? Even after all is said and done, you still won’t be able to pick a side. We don’t get our usual superhero happy ending. We can’t really even say the bad guy won, because he’s just as broken as our heroes. Instead we see two of our favorite heroes and their friendship implode. They weren’t going against aliens or gods. It was human emotions and beliefs, and I’m pretty sure we can agree those are two of the hardest parts of the human existence to fight and try and conquer. So for the villain to aim straight for the most unstable aspect of our lives? It’s absolutely genius, and it creates a solid Marvel movie.


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