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ABCs of Death 2 E-H

e is for equilibriumThis is a semi humerous look at the concept of a bromance. The overall concept makes sense when you think of the word. Equilibrium by definition is a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of opposing forces. So basically what Brugues’ is trying to say is that chicks might screw up the balance of things. I won’t deny that is definitely a questionable message, but I’m going to let it slide because this was actually funny. I give it 4/5. It seems like it’s shorter than the other segments, but it gets right to the point. I can respect that.

f is for fallingIf you’re looking for the standard black humor this series usual aims for, you will not find it here. Instead we have a very tense look at relations between Israel and Palestine. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can imagine just how serious this might be in tone. But it’s amazing. The conflict is nothing to be happy about, but how it is used in this segment is incredible. I give it 5/5. It is hands down the highlight of the entire movie.

g is for grandadTwo questions: 1. Why would you let a relative live with you for a year if you hate them? 2. How in the hell do you not notice an old man sleeping under your mattress every night for a year? That being said, I can’t deny this is probably the funniest segment out of the whole movie. I was all for it until we got to shriveled up old man crotch. Now I’m just disgusted. I give it 3/5 for the dialog, but I really could done without the extreme close-up at the end.

h is for head gamesI’m very confused right now. What does kissing have to do with weird explosions and organs used as weapons? I have no idea what I just watched. I’m just going to give it 3/5 because I love animation, but please don’t ask me to interpret this. According to the director, it’s about the war between genders, and ever increasing tension. Sure, let’s go with that.