Dead Snow (2009)

200px-DodsnoI first came across this when I worked at Blockbuster, and since the premise seemed absolutely ridiculous, it was one of my free rentals for the week. I mean, Nazi zombies? It’s right on the line between horribly offensive and just plain hilarious. Long story short, I thought it was spectacular. It was over the top gory, and filled just enough black humor. I was in love. Fast forward to present day, and I decided to give it another shot. So is it still as magical as it was 6 years ago? Am I still head over heels for the gore?

The answer is somewhat. Upon a second viewing, I realized a good chunk of the movie is a bit like dead air (no pun intended). We start with a frenzy, but for about 30-40 minutes after the first blitz there’s nothing except your typical “friends on vacation” fodder, complete with a PG sex scene. Didn’t think that was possible, but I digress. I think what happened was the anticipation for the gory made me ignore the fluff in between, and there is a lot of fluff. Even after the action restarts, it doesn’t have the same intensity as it did in the beginning.

I still give it 3/5. It’s just outlandish, but after a while it grows on you. Given the subject matter, the acting is pretty decent. What steals the show is the gore and the zombies. Then again, how bad would the movie be if everything looked fake, and the zombies were lazy? That’s almost depressing to think about. If you’ve never seen it, give it a shot if you have 90 minutes to spare. It’s far from Oscar material, but any horror lover will enjoy it.


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