Pink Flamingos (1972)

1618-pink-flamingos-poster-largeEmbarrassing confession time: I’ve never seen this before. I know, I know. How can I say I love film and haven’t one the classic midnight movies. Thanks to a request from a reader, I’ve remedied that. All I can say is holy crap on a cracker. So many penises, and it is so vile. I know John Waters isn’t exactly Mr. Conservative, but what possessed him to create such a movie? Where should I attempt to start? Implied incest? The “competition” of filthiest person alive? Sex acts involving chickens? I really don’t know what to say, other than I think this is in the top 5 of the most shocking films I’ve ever seen. It’s also probably the nastiest movie I’ve seen, and that’s saying something.

But…I can’t deny I had fun watching it. It’s the classic train-wreck: you want to look away but you can’t. I can’t say much about the acting because 1. it was made in 72, and 2. I think it’s meant to be hokey as all hell. I love the fact Divine wasn’t afraid to push things as far as they could go. Everyone seemed to have a blast making this, and even though it’s depraved you can still appreciate it. I give it 4/5. I absolutely respect John Waters for wanting to push the envelope, and he does a good job of doing it. This review might be short, but that’s only because the film speaks for itself. If you like cult films, you should own this. If you prefer your movies to be classy, please stay far away.


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