Jeepers Creepers (2001)


I remember seeing this when it first came out back in 2001. I had turned 13 recently, and I begged my dad to take me because of my newfound love of horror. I was completely terrified. I don’t know if it was the monster, or simply because of the fact that much of the action occurred in the shadows or off screen. To a 13 year old, not seeing the actual gore and just hearing the screams is enough to cause nightmares. I also couldn’t hear the song Jeepers Creepers the same way for a solid year. I decided to watch it again since it’s time for the monthly Netflix purge of expiring titles. Am I still terrified as much as I was almost 14 years ago? Do I still think it’s amazing?

Eh…I’m far from terrified, but I did have fun watching it. One thing I notice is how my tastes have changed with time. I know that really doesn’t need mentioning, but in this case it is a valid point. What my young brain processed at the time is very different from what I’m able to see now. Before I was in shock that I saw a man’s head cut off, but now I laugh when I think about the Creeper making out with a severed head and ripping out the tongue. I am aware that of how horrible that makes me sound, but I don’t care. The underground siege used to be the highlight of the movie, but now I can see it as a very unfair fight. The acting is…okay. It’s cheesy as all get out now, but I think it has aged better than some of the other movies that were released around this time.

Fast forward to present day, and I give it 3/5. It’s nowhere near as good as I thought it was, but it’s still good for unintentional comedy. The overall story has more plot holes that I can count, but you can ignore it given the pacing. I was surprised to see just how little killing happens on screen. I remember a bloodbath (keep in mind I was 13), and mutilated bodies everywhere. Well, the second part was valid but only because of the Creeper’s wall of corpses. With a $10 million budget, I think they could’ve gone a bit further.  If you haven’t seen it, I say watch it if you have an hour and change to spare. If you’ve already seen it but haven’t watched in a while, check it out for pure nostalgia.


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