Kill Theory (2009)


After watching this, I only had one question: Why does everyone turn into a backstabbing asshole when things go horribly wrong during a vacation? Think about the formula: X number of friends head to a lake house (or some cabin in the middle of nowhere, or a foreign city) only to end up terrorized by a psycho who manages to stay perfectly hidden in the shadows. When everything starts going to hell, past grievances are hashed out, ultimately leading to division amongst the group. It’s usually cheating on one’s boyfriend or girlfriend, constant borderline abuse of the fat and/or nerdy friend, and one or two members that just can’t understand why all of the hostility has suddenly appeared. Do I sound like I’m over-analyzing another plot? Stick with me, I swear I have a point.

Kill Theory takes all of the concepts I just mentioned, but then tries to turn it into a psychopath’s experiment. The movie asks just how far would someone go in the name of self-preservation. To save you 86 minutes, people will kill their own friends and family instead of coming up with a solution that ensures the survival of the group, no questions asked. I’ll let you guess how likeable these people are. Which finally brings me to my main point: this movie implies that those with common sense and mental stability will be the first to die in a situation like this. I call bullshit. Dealing with a crazed mental patient that’s trying to prove a point already puts our characters at a severe disadvantage. Crazy people don’t fight fair, therefore we have to keep in mind our shadowed madman did everything to make sure the end result was exactly what he wanted.

I could go on and on about this, but I’m going to stop here. It gets 1/5. The plot contradicts itself left and right, the characters are horrible people, and the ending is nothing but a cop out. Normally I try to give credit where credit is due, but there’s none to give here. If you’re going to imply such a concept, you have to bring your A game, and you have to be able to support it with solid evidence. The only thing I learned from this is I should take vacations by myself because my friends will stab me in the back if shit hits the fan. I personally wouldn’t send such a message to my viewing audience, but that’s just me. If you want to see backstabbing and a vacation from hell done right, check out The Descent.


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