Hollow (2011)


I’m starting to think I’m optimistic to a fault. Hollow has held only 1 star on Netflix ever since it was added several months ago, but that didn’t stop me from watching it. I can now say that maybe it should have. The biggest issue I have is that this movie clearly rips off elements from other movies, and doesn’t even attempt to try and make those elements its own. The whole thing is basically a carbon copy of The Blair Witch Project, except we have random couples committing suicide, and a dead priest. Our “heroes” are a group of friends that clearly can’t stand each other.

I have to make sure that point is emphasized because the crap that happens in the movie wouldn’t have taken place if everyone was at least civil. Why else would one guy use his own girlfriend as bait in hopes that his crush’s fiancé will cheat on her, causing his crush to run into his arms? Yes, that was his actual plan. Also, what the bloody hell does that have to do with suicides, a creepy tree that houses a maze, or a dead priest? Absolutely nothing apparently. The dead couples and priest are only mentioned once, and we never find out what exactly caused their deaths.

We have about 4 different plot points, and instead what we get is these idiots snorting coke, having a bad trip, and they end up dead anyways. The end. This gets a 0. I’m going to gloss over the whole found footage angle, mainly because that’s a trend in movies that won’t go away anytime soon. The acting is exactly what you expect from something like this, there’s no storytelling, and the characters just flat out suck. I will say watching this is like listening to a 12 year old boy describe his perfect action movie: boobs, partying, and no real resolution. It goes back to what I’ve been saying about most movies out there: just because you can make a movie, doesn’t mean you should.


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