You’re Next (2013)

Youre-Next-posterIn case you missed it a couple years ago, I couldn’t stand this movie. I paid to see in theaters, I was super excited for it, and then I thought it sucked. I gave people so much flack for liking this because I could not find any redeeming qualities about it. At that point, I believe this was the second Adam Wingard movie I had seen, so that just made it worse. I really like the guy. He’s not afraid to push something as far as it can go, unless he’s having a lazy moment (ahem, Q is for Quack). So did You’re Next deserve the hellfire and brimstone I unleashed on it? I don’t think it did. This is a first for The Lively Mind: I’m admitting I was wrong. I have to say Recollection Row isn’t just saying I still like a movie, or I now hate it. People change. New experiences can shed a new light on old ones, and time passing offers a chance to see things a bit more clearly.

Why the sudden change of heart, you ask? I wasn’t high as a kite when I watched it this time. In August 2013, I was still recovering from a major car accident. My senses were dulled thanks to a mix of morphine, Zoloft, and trazodone. I’m honestly surprised my first review was as long as it was, because I know I was a zombie at the time. So what exactly did I miss in my medicated state? I’d have to say the humor. This was marketed as a black comedy, but I never understood why until now. The one liners are so wrong, but still hilarious. I honestly have to say the film as a whole does show how talented Wingard is as a director, and Simon Barrett is a very creative writer.

I like it enough it to give it 3/5. I can now appreciate Sharni Vinson as the ultimate badass heroine, the rest of the cast does a great job playing off each other, and it’s just fun to watch in general. However, some of the interaction between the cast does come off as a little too cheesy at times, and the dramatic points can be downright hammy. Every other scene also has this weird shaky thing going on, even when things are supposed to be calm. It’s a little distracting, but once things pick up you can kind of ignore it. Overall it’s a good survival/slasher, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the bests of the last couple years.


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