V/H/S (2012)

MV5BMTUwODAxMzMwNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTk3MTQ5Nw@@._V1._SY317_In case you missed it, I wasn’t a huge fan of this two years ago. The overall concept is nothing original, but I respected the fact several directors took on different shorts. After watching it a second time I can honestly say…it still doesn’t work. V/H/S just shows that having more time to tell a story and a better budget doesn’t automatically mean it’ll be a good movie. So what goes wrong? I personally think it’s the whole found footage angle. I get they were going for something vintage with V/H/S tapes, but this was made in 2012. Think about how much we use our phones and computers. V/H/S tapes were made obsolete years ago, but now we’re supposed to believe they’re still valuable in the movie’s universe? It doesn’t make sense.

The acting is quite questionable at times, however I give everyone a pass considering what this is about. What I still don’t understand is how events play out. Why were those jackasses hired to steal a tape? Why do we spend a substantial part of the opening sequence just being subjected to how evil they are? I think the whole bit with those guys could’ve been left out altogether because they add nothing to the story except extra F bombs and irritating padding between shorts. I just reviewed 26 segments from another movie, so I’m not about to do it again here. Even if I did, I’d give them all the same rating just because you can’t really see the actual scary bits.

As I’ve said many times before, a horror movie is only effective when you can actually see what’s going on. V/H/S seems to pass by in a jerky blur, and you sit there wondering what just happened. What sense does it make to film something if your audience can’t make heads or tails of it? This time around, I still give it 2/5. I knew it was bad two years ago, but I didn’t realize just how little there is. I’m really hoping the directors involved continue to work on their craft. These shorts show there is some kind of talent there, but they all lack the skills to execute their vision. It’s disappointing because V/H/S would’ve been horrifying if they knew how to do just that.


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