Lust of the Dead (2012)



This review will probably be unbelievably graphic and just all around disgusting, and will offend people that are super sensitive.

You all should know me by now. A term like “misogynistic” rarely pops up in my reviews, unless I find a special starfish like Doghouse. I have seen a lot of crap in the (almost) 3 years I’ve been doing this. I have to say I honestly thought Antichrist was about as offensive as you can get in cinema. I think the universe might’ve taken that as a challenge. I’m honestly not sure what Naoyuki Tomomatsu was going for, and I’m really too afraid to look it up. Why? The zombies are men, overloaded on some kind of virus and testosterone, and kill women by raping them and ejaculating into them. You read that last part correctly. As if that plot isn’t horrible enough, we’re subjected to multiple 2-3 minute scenes of gang rapes, and penises being chopped or shot off.

I’m really not easily offended, nor am I easily sickened by scenes. But this is just freaking horrible on many levels. Where do I start? Rape being played for laughs? Some scenes where women begin to enjoy the sexual assault before being killed by sperm? Or perhaps the very squishy noises upon penetration? Nope, that’s not the worst part. I’m going to have to go with the Jesus incarnate that was brought into being by lesbian sex. Just when you thought this really couldn’t be any worst: baby Shinto Jesus is conceived from lesbians picking one of the worst times and places to bump uglies. How does that work? Screw you and laugh at the gang rape and violence against women, says the movie.

I have nothing else to add. If I allowed myself to give negative reviews, I would. But I’ll settle for zero. To add to the crap pile, I found out this is actually an ongoing franchise in Japan, and number 5 is on its way. I just don’t understand what genius thought this was a movie worthy of streaming because this really is just softcore porn. For all of my perverted readers, there you have it: I managed to find porn on Netflix. Lucky you, you sick bastards. The fact I ended up posting this on Valentine’s Day somehow makes it even worse.


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