ABCs of Death R-U

r is for removedI don’t understand how I can watch something, and it makes even less sense every time. This is obviously a metaphor for something. The problem is Spasojevic fails to make it comprehensible for the rest of us as to what that something is. My best guess it’s something about commercialization of art. I know that makes no sense, but neither does this short. I give it 2/5. It’s gory…but there isn’t a reason as to why it’s gory, or why there’s a man whose flesh turns into film and bullets. I can see he was trying so hard to use symbolism, but it just doesn’t work if you can’t make any sense of it. For all of my fellow horror fans, does the director’s name sound familiar? He’s the one that unleashed A Serbian Film unto us all. That just tells me this dude has some serious issues with the film industry.

s is for speedI think is one of the few segments I really like out of the whole movie. It’s pretty badass how West decided to tackle drug addiction and eventual overdose. I really don’t have any problems with it, and I swear it’s put together better than all the other segments. I give it 4/5. Why doesn’t it get a perfect score if I liked it that much? This is the same director that did Doghouse. You know how I feel about that movie, and I find it hard to believe the same guy is capable of making something this awesome.

t is for toiletI probably shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did at this. I was in tears and couldn’t breathe. There’s absolutely nothing funny about a child dying. But a Final Destination-esque death by dislodged toilet tank? And an elaborate killer toilet mutant nightmare before that? That’s freaking hysterical. I give it 4/5. It’s quirky, morbid, and it’s well done considering it’s claymation. And it has the same idea as S is for Speed: Get to the point, but do it effectively. I just wish the other segments could’ve been this good, or least just as funny.

u is for unearthedI really want to like this one, but it feels like something is missing. It’s interesting to see a vampire hunt from the view of the vampire, but the actual execution seems to be lacking. I think it’s because of the questions it generates. Do the citizens do this all the time? It’s obvious they knew the vampire when he was human, so why are they going out of their way to kill him? Is this supposed to be present day?  I give it 3/5. I like the point of view idea, but I don’t know if it was pushed as far as it can really go.


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