ABCs of Death F-I


It’s the first entry from Japan, and it involves flatulence (duh), implied pedophilia, lesbianism, people being killed by God’s farts (?), and a student seeking refuge in her teacher’s butthole, which is basically a yellow womb. You would think it would be funny, but it still manages to fail in that department. Fart jokes are always hilarious to me, but the comedy is nowhere to be found. Iguchi claims the theme is actually an earthquake disaster, but he just had to add in his obsession with farts. I’m just going to give this 2/5. It gets that much because at least it’s original. Weird as I don’t know what, but still original.


I believe this is the least offensive out of 26 entries, but that’s only because there’s so little to it. I can’t help but like it. I will admit I was completely lost the first time I saw it, but then it clicked upon a second viewing. We’re seeing a man commit suicide from his point of view, but it’s not outlandishly done. This segment uses the bare minimum to tell a story, and I respect Traucki for making it that way. I give it 3/5. While I like how it’s done, there are still some questions that I still have to ask. Why did he choose to die in such a way? Who is he, and what led him to this point?  It’s better than most of the other segments, but I still feel like it’s missing something.


Why furries? Also, if you’re going to go the furry route, would it kill you to make sure you can’t see the damn seams and wrinkles on the fursuit? I had to watch this twice because I kept getting distracted every time I saw the actress’ real skin, or when the suit bunched up with every movement. I’m going to leave the Nazi aspect alone because I’m trying to keep this review relatively short. Most importantly, out of all the words in the English language that start with H, this is what you pick? Were you trying to be different? Is it an inside joke? Did you really just want to do something with furries, and the concept just spun out of control? Yes, I can clearly see the homage to Tex Avery. What I can’t get past is the fact I was forced to look at furry boobs. It gets 2/5. I have to give the director credit for thinking outside the box, but this is ridiculous even by my standards.


I have to admit I was intrigued by this one. . While watching this, you’re not 100% what or why this is going on. According to Grau, we’re not supposed to know. This is shining light on the “femicide” occurring in Mexico, in other words the high number of senseless murders of women. With that information, I give it 3/5. I give him credit for trying to raise awareness, but it loses points considering I had to do a search to find what the hell this was about. I’m also not sure if this was the right place to try and do that. It’s a powerful message, but it gets lost in the shuffle of the other segments and the overall flow of the movie.


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