ABCs of Death… Revisited.


When I did my Worst of 2013 list, I had ABCs of Death at #10 due to its length and how unpolished it is. I am not taking back what I said about it as a whole. But…I can now objectively say it might not have been fair to give it an overall rating. Think about it: 26 different directors, plots, countries, and styles. Even if God Himself were to edit it, there’s no way to smoothly transition between such varying ideas. I realize now there’s no accurate way to give a project like this a general rating, so…I’m going back to it. I’m going to re-watch ABCs of Death, and I’m going to rate each segment on its own.

I feel the need to do this just to give credit (however little) to each director. Most of them completely missed the mark, but I can still respect the fact they tried and do have some sort of talent. On top of that, I will be doing the same for ABCs of Death 2. No, I will not be putting all 52 total segments in one review because I actually have a life. It will be in bite sized bits, but still chock full of the demented sarcasm you all seem to love. Give me about a week or two, and ABCs of Death segments A-E will be up.


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