Rapid Retrospect 6/2- 6/8

This week is short because (once again), all of my Netflix DVDs were scratched or broken. Thankfully I’ve bought so many movies in the last 6 months that I’ll start having decent sized reviews again, starting next week. On a side note, if any of you know of another DVD to home service, please let me know in the comments. I don’t see the point in paying $23 a month for scratched DVDs that I constantly have to send back.

The Cat and the Canary (1927) 4/5


I’m stepping outside of my usual viewings because I’ve never watched a silent film. Oh the wasted years. It’s fascinating to see how much actors back then were able to do without being heard. As for the story, it’s really good. Think House on Haunted Hill but take out the ghosts and strangers, and add a family coming to hear a reading of a will. Add some well-timed comedic relief, and it’s a hidden gem that should be seen by any film lover.

A Cat in Paris (2010) 4/5


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this. It’s animated, but I wouldn’t say it’s a kid’s movie. What I really liked about it is how little details set the overall tone. You see a cat burglar hopping from roof to roof, but you hear Billie Holiday playing in the background. The voice acting was really good, even though the animation style might not be for everyone. I still say it’s good to watch just to see something different.

The Signal (2006) 4/5


This one is a little odd because it’s divided into segments (“transmissions” in the movie), and each one was written and directed by a different person. It’s well done, considering they only had a budget of $50,000. Also, you really can’t go wrong when you cast A.J. Bowen, who seems to have a gift of playing the world’s most unlikable characters. One thing I’m still not a fan of is how drastically different each writers’ style is. The film as a whole bounces back and forth between dark comedy and post-apocalyptic horror. It’s not as seamless as it could be. That being said, it’s hard not to like it given how limited the budget was.

Prison Girls (1972) 1/5


It’s 70’s porn. There’s not really a plot, no one stays clothed for longer than 5 minutes, and I just feel gross after watching it. I think Female Vampire is modest in comparison. The picture quality seems to miraculously improve the minute people starting screwing, and then this thing has the nerve to try and end on a meaningful message. I say try because there are a couple scenes of women being assaulted, as well as a gang rape scene. If you want soft core 70’s porn, here you go. If you’re looking for a legitimate movie, watch anything besides this.


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