Rapid Retrospect 5/12- 5/18

Frozen (2013) 3/5


Let me start by saying this is a decent movie. The problem I have is it doesn’t quite live up to the hype. The strongest point it has is the importance of family, and a twist that deviates from the Disney norm. However, I wouldn’t consider as amazing as everyone makes it out to be. One song is really good, but the rest (and there are a lot of them) are pretty bland. It makes the think the script was short, so they thew in a bunch of extra songs to pad it out to almost 2 hours. It’s a paint by numbers kid’s movie until the last 20 minutes. I don’t hate it, but I probably wouldn’t watch it again.

Lady Death (2004) 2/5

lady death

This is actually based on a comic book, and it kind of shows. The voice acting is the good thing about it, but the choppy animation overshadows it. I know it was released in 2004, but I still think it could be way better than it is. Also, I don’t think there was quite enough subject matter to drag it out for a feature film. You can tell which parts are filler, and which parts came from the comic. Overall I think the project was just handled poorly, and this is one of the few times a reboot might be necessary to turn it into something worth watching.

Exte: Hair Extensions (2007) 4/5


Have you ever watched a film so weird that you couldn’t help but love it? That’s how I felt while watching this. It’s a Japanese horror film about killer hair extensions. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is well done. It’s creepy, odd, funny, and everything I didn’t expect it to be. Given the plot, the acting is pretty good. I will say the hair-obessessed coroner steals the show. He’s like Buffalo Bill, except he would make a suit out of hair. I can’t really do it justice, so you’ll have to see for yourself. I promise it is worth watching.

Penumbra (2011) 2.5/5

I’m torn about this one. I don’t like it enough to give it a 3, but I also don’t hate it enough to drop it down to 2. The pacing in this just killed me. I get they were going for a creepy atmosphere, but an hour’s worth? Also, nothing is truly explained. There’s some kind of cult that’s going to do something during an eclipse, and they’re “evil”. Predictable is a nice way to describe this. However, the acting wasn’t that bad, and the dialog was solid. I wish the pacing and plot had been done differently because it does have potential to be eerie. Instead it’s 60 minutes of somewhat witty/creepy banter, then a weak and unoriginal ending. It has its moments, but there’s just not enough there for it to be entertaining.


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