Rapid Retrospect 4/14- 4/20

Feed (2005) 3/5


I first tried to watch this back in 2007. I say “tried” because I shut it off about 10 minutes in. If you are blissfully unaware, this is about an Australian detective who tries to find a man that’s feeding women to death. This is a much sensationalized look at a real fetish: men that are turned on by feeding women that weigh hundreds of pounds. The scenes are very graphic, but it loses steam after a while. It goes from horror, to social commentary, to thriller, and settles for black comedy. I still thought it was decent, but I just wish it had written with more focus.


Nurse (2013) 3/5


This week’s contender for Oddly Specific: A psychotic nurse murders unfaithful men. She’s rejected by her protégé, and then proceeds to ruin the poor girl’s life. This is just 80 minutes of gory, naked fun. Unfortunately it has the same problem as Feed: a lack of direction. The film seems to know how outrageously unbelievable it is, but it still holds back. Even the mass chaos at the end felt like it could’ve gone even further. Paz de la Huerta does fine as nurse Abby Russell, but at times it feels forced. I like it because it was different, but it fell short of its true potential.


Homefront (2013) 3/5


Another Jason Statham flick. I didn’t think was terrible, but he has done better. Most of the action doesn’t happen until the last 30-45 minutes. The rest is focused on James Franco as the country meth addict/dealer. The sad part is the role seems to fit him. Everything else about it is just okay. It’s good to watch if there’s nothing else on, but don’t expect too much from it.


Here Comes the Devil (2012) 1/5


This is one of those movies where events wouldn’t have happened if everyone had common sense. If you were on vacation in an unfamiliar place, would you let your children go to the top of a mountain where a serial killer disappeared into thin air? Hopefully you answered no. The people we’re supposed to root for let their kids go just so they could have sex in their car. What follows is a cheap attempt at 70’s horror, and pointless nudity. Anytime the story progresses, there’s someone naked and/or about to have sex. The ending isn’t really an ending, and there’s no explanation as to what is going on. It’s easy to see how its rating on Netflix was down to 1 star a day after it was added.


Alice, Sweet Alice (1976) 4/5


I’m trying to make up for all of the classics I haven’t seen. This is one of them, and it’s really creepy. The kids are messed up beyond repair, and the adults aren’t that far behind. I thought it was great. It might be over 30 years old, but it’s a great example of how you don’t need extreme gore or sex to tell a story. I’m not saying those aren’t fun, but sometimes it’s nice to see a film that takes a more minimal approach.


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