Victim of Beauty (1991)


At the request of my readers, I’m going to finish the pack that exposed me to Die-ner. I decided to check out Victim of Beauty. It’s about a model whose friends and associates wind up dead. It sounded somewhat interesting…until I did a little research. This was a made for TV movie back in 1991. I’ll let you guess how well it has aged. Also, whoever put this collection together seems to think a generic Lifetime mystery counts as horror. There’s very little blood, and most of the killing happens off-screen.

It took me an hour to find proof that this even existed. It can also be found under the name Drop Dead Gorgeous (get it?!). After sitting through this, I realize that Victim of Beauty doesn’t make sense as a title. That would imply the main character is a victim of her beauty, but she’s not. She’s just surrounded by greedy, rapey douchebags that will throw each other under the bus just to get into her pants.

The best part is the “reveal”. At first, we’re lead to believe the owner of the modeling agency is behind the killings. Wrong! It was her assistant. Wrong again! It was the model’s love interest. Wrong yet again! It was the model all along, who was molested by her father. How I described it is exactly how things play out in the movie. What it all boils down to is a woman with a lot of emotional and mental scars who doesn’t like people in her space bubble. While having your personal space invaded is quite irritating, it doesn’t make me want to go on a murderous rampage.

It also made me noticed something: why are crazy killers able to mask the insanity for any length of time until a loved one finds out their crimes? The psycho goes from not being a suspect to making the Joker look sane. What’s the point? The power of love sees through any mask? I doubt it. I’m going to go with a writer is going for some kind of sociopath angle, and it just doesn’t work. This was just another waste of 90 minutes. I would rather watch Die-ner again instead of reliving this. This gets 1/5. It might’ve been decent in 1991, but it doesn’t work today. It’s corny, but not in a fun, campy way. I just keep thinking I have unwittingly volunteered to review the rest of the collection, and after watching Victim of Beauty I regret my decision.


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