The Banshee Chapter (2013)


I don’t know much about this. I figured with a name like The Banshee Chapter it had to be interesting. I was wrong. The whole film is based around the “mysterious” MK Ultra project. Long story short, the C.I.A thought it was a great idea to dabble in behavioral engineering. Patients were subjected to LSD (and other drugs), torture, hypnosis, isolation and pretty much anything else that prolonged exposure to could cause insanity or worse. The project is so top secret that people have allegedly been murdered to prevent the dark secret results from being leaked. In other words, the whole event is a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream. For the rest of us, it’s just a creepy story.

The Banshee Chapter looks at the MK Ultra project, and asks if there was something more sinister at work. I thought it was a load of crap. One thing that is quite confusing is the constant flashbacks that occur without warning. I’m guessing they’re meant to set a scary tone, but I was lost for a good 45 minutes. Then the movie decides to cop out and say everything was in the patients’ heads…or was it? The only closure that is offered is the hallucinations are passed from victim to victim through touch, not through a chemical that looks a lot like Listerine.

If I was 10, this would make me crap my pants because of the back to back jump scares. The acting is…alright. I’m giving the actors a break considering they didn’t have much to work with. There’s really nothing to this movie. It tries to do a new take on an old tale, but it’s directionless and the plot twist just doesn’t make sense. I give it 2/5. It’s not Chernobyl Diaries levels of bad, but it is far from good. This is meant to be watched if you have 85 minutes to waste, or you’re having trouble sleeping. It’s so boring that it is a better sedative than Benadryl, and I’m willing to bet you’ll pass out after the first 5 minutes.


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