Weirdsville (2007)


I still haven’t given up the method of reviewing movies just because they’re about to expire on Netflix. Continuing my 2 year trend is Weirdsville, a dark comedy that succeeds in living up to its name. The cast includes Wes Bentley, Taryn Manning, and Scott Speedman, who all play fun loving, drug addicted friends. Things go sour when Maddie (Manning) dies from an overdose. Dexter and Royce (Speedman and Bentley) have the “genius” idea of burying her in the basement of a local drive-in.

It might’ve worked, except this just happens to be the night a Satan worshiping cult performs their ritual. In other words, this whole thing is the perfect definition of oddly specific. However, it actually works. It’s so absurd that you can’t help but enjoy it. What follows is 2 bumbling friends who have to deal with 3 different but equally psychotic groups. It’s hilarious, and everyone owns their part.

I give it 4/5. It’s probably one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while. It is a lot of drug humor, but it’s done well. I say watch it just to see how everything badly unfolds. I believe it’s on the DVD side of Netflix, but I think it’s worth buying if you can find it.


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