Maniac (2012)


I put off watching this for a while. How could this possibly live up to the original? If you’re not familiar with it, it’s about a psychotic man with mommy issues who scalps young women. The scalps on then placed on mannequins in his home. He also seems to think the mannequins are alive, and talks to them. Sounds pretty sick, doesn’t it? To this day, it is still one of the most controversial films. When I heard about the remake, I wasn’t too sure about it. My faith in it quickly disappeared when I found out Elijah Wood would have the starring role of Frank, the troubled killer. I’m not saying Wood can’t portray a crazed killer. I personally think he was successfully creepy in Sin City, but I digress.

What made me finally watch it? As I’ve said before, I try to give any horror film a chance, even when I think it might be terrible. After watching it, I realized it lives up to the hype. Wood is terrifying, and he seems to bring even more of a sinister overtone to the character than Joe Spinell. Add to that the fact that most of the movie is seen through his eyes, and we’re treated to being trapped in the mind of a deeply disturbed man for 90 minutes.

It’s so chilling, and seems to add something that the original wasn’t able to do. Wood manages to bring the character of Frank to a level that’s almost unbelievable to see. It might be a remake, but it’s strong enough to be recognized as a brilliant horror movie on its own. I give it 5/5. I’m kicking myself for not giving it more of a chance. It’s currently streaming on Netflix, but this is another one I would recommend buying. Give it a shot. It will surprise you.


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