I Spit on Your Grave 2 (2013)


After I picked this up, I realized I never saw the 2010 remake. I absolutely loved it. It still captured the brutal tone of the original, and managed to add its own spin on things. I couldn’t help but think part two would be just as good, even though it’s a new character. I was so very wrong. The biggest problem is the transformation of Katie (Jemma Dallendar). If you’re not familiar with I Spit on Your Grave, I have to give a bit of back story.

The original 1978 is one of the founding rape-revenge films. In that sub-genre, women are horribly assaulted and sometimes left for dead. They survive, and then launch a full campaign to torture/kill her attackers. On the one hand, these movies are never, ever easy to watch. However, it’s hard to deny the satisfaction you get when the woman gets her revenge. One key part is how the actress can portray a victim in the beginning, and then portray the strong, unmerciful force of nature for the middle and end.

And here’s where part two falls apart. Dallender is great at being emotionally and physically vulnerable. However, her attempts at rage and maliciousness are campy and very overdone. Her anger comes out as the equivalent of Hulk Smash. Also, her face contorts in odd ways when she screams during her acts of revenge. The rest of the movie isn’t all bad, but our main actress just couldn’t pull it off.

I give it 2/5. It falls into the same type of storytelling as the 2010 remake. But unfortunately it loses steam because of some pretty bad acting, and also it attempts to outdo its predecessors. That would’ve been fine if they had done it in a better way. It looks like they added more violence against the victim to prove a point, except there is no point. I still give it credit for staying true to the overall plot. I just wish they could’ve cast someone that was up to the task.


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