V/H/S 2


As I’ve said before, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first one. I personally feel a movie is a waste if you can’t see what’s going on. I’m guessing V/H/S 2 learned from the mistakes of the first one. This is unbelievably awesome. We only have 4 stories this time, but that seems to be the magic number. It seems Adam Wingard actually learned from his mistakes. We have ghosts, zombies, the end of the world and some scary as hell aliens. This is the horror movie I have been waiting for.

I have not seen anything this scary in a long ass time. It’s a breath of fresh air, and it reminds you there are still some filmmakers that know what the hell they’re doing. This time it’s all about point of view, but we can actually see what’s going on. The thing I loved most is you feel like you’re right there, and you’re going through hell along with the characters. It’s amazing how believable each segment is.

This is a 5/5. It’s not stupid B movie crap that has been plaguing Netflix recently. It’s scary, evenly spaced, and just very well done. The actors are what sell the whole thing. You almost have to remind yourself these horribly disturbing tapes aren’t real. Go out and buy it. This is something every horror fan needs to see and own. It’s hands down the best horror movie of 2013.


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