Shigurui: Death Frenzy


I only watched this because it was about to expire on Netflix. I try not to be picky about anime. Of course horror and comedy will be my personal favorites, but I still like to branch out. I even ignored the 2 and a half star rating. That was a massive mistake, and that rating is overly generous. This show is horrible. It’s about samurai…I think. The majority of the time we see scenes of rape, mutilation, torture, butterflies, cicadas, and a whole bunch of people that spontaneously give birth to their own intestines. There’s also frequent scenes of women getting their nipples ripped off, a graphic birth of a deformed baby, and one guy gets castrated by a hot poker.

Another issue is the lack of variety of colors. Every scene is washed in gray, black, red, or pink. It’s very hard on the eyes, and it takes a minute to figure out what the hell just happened. The dialog is nothing more that horrific screams, orgasmic moans, squishy noises, and people insulting each other. The soundtrack is somewhere between non-existent and a didgeridoo. In other words, it’s incredibly annoying after 5 minutes. This gets a 0.

The plot is nowhere to be seen and the violence is either random or repetitive. What little voice acting there is just sounds bored and lifeless. I think this might be better in written form, or even as a 90 minute movie. But 12 episodes? It’s just a big waste of time, and a bigger waste of talent.


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