Remarkable Power


You probably can’t read the quote on the poster, but a critic claims this rivals anything by the Coen Brothers. Either someone heavily edited that quote, or that critic was paid to tell a bold-faced lie. The official description is a TV show host seeks to destroy the lives of his cheating wife and her famous lover. However, the title and the actual film forces you to focus on a scam called Remarkable Power that leads to an accidental murder, and a whole bunch of people that are affected by it. You basically watch two different movies play out, and neither make sense.

The first is the TV host. His show is being cancelled, and he decides to use his final show to show a tape of his wife banging a famous (and also married) baseball player. This story takes all of 20 minutes to tell. The other is a burned out pothead that buys tapes from an infomercial to change his life. He believes that the tapes help him unlock his inner potential or some shit like that. I gave up on paying attention because the whole thing is a jumbled, boring mess.

It bounces around everywhere. 3 months ago, a week later, 6 months later, present day. And none of the flashbacks or flash forwards help explain why everyone is either incredibly dumb or a douche. All the characters are just weird and unlikable. It’s labeled as a comedy, but there was nothing funny about it. And I’m pretty sure the whole thing was film on someone’s personal camera. This gets a 0. It’s a waste of film and talent. No wonder it was on Netflix for only a couple of weeks…


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