This film is based on true events, and will make you not want to leave your house ever again.


As I’ve said before, I’ve seen some truly messed up shit. I thought A Serbian Film and Antichrist were at the top of the heap, and nothing could surpass them. Oh, how I hate being wrong. Compliance is about a prank caller that calls a local restaurant pretending to be a police officer. He tells the manager that one of their employees has stolen from a customer, and needs help conducting an investigation. Now, that right there should raise a red flag for anyone with common sense. But that is not the case here. Management then subjects the poor girl to humiliation and even rape. This goes on for hours until the maintenance man discovers what’s going on and finally talks some sense into everyone. At first glace, this seems like a terrifying tale of being in the right place at the wrong time. But…a little bit of digging reveals this ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

This tale of the shift from hell is based on a series of crimes that occurred for almost 10 years. Some random sick bastard got his jollies from calling fast food restaurants or stores, giving a very vague description of an employee, and then accusing them of a crime. Management actually provided the name of whatever victim. The movie is almost a play by play of what happened to Louise Ogborn. What she had to endure is senseless and downright disgusting. I think the same can be said of her manager who actually agreed to what could arguably be called torture. There’s a video floating around of her manager being interviewed by 20/20. In it, she has the nerve to say she’s just as much a victim as Ogborn. I call bullshit.

Not once did this idiot stop and think: “Hey, a complete stranger is telling me to strip my employee and hold her against her will. Something just isn’t right here.” Call me mean, but I don’t get how a person could be that damn stupid.  I realize I haven’t said much about the actual film. It is incredible. I actually give it 5/5. The acting is amazing, and it is a true psychological thriller. The only flaw I could find was the portrayal of Ogborn. Her equivalent seems annoyed at the things she has to do. In reality, she was understandably terrified and in hysterics. Other than that, this is an outstanding movie. But I feel like something could also be learned from this story. The best I can come up with is a quote from “This is an ugly film about ugly people doing ugly things in an ugly world”.


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