It’s a freaking teddy bear that smokes pot, has sex and cusses like a sailor. What more do I need to say? Think of this as an unrated Family Guy minus the Meg abuse. But it actually works. Seth MacFarlane just has a knack for being the most outrageous and vulgar characters, but this one actually sticks out. It’s just a movie about a guy growing up with a talking teddy bear, and finally learning to be on his own. Thankfully it’s not as mushy as it sounds.

This is not a film for people that don’t like crude humor. It can be borderline offensive, but that’s what makes it hilarious. Mark Wahlberg is great as John. You can tell he knew the premise was pretty ridiculous and he just ran with it. Mila Kunis was a bit weaker as Lori. She’s kind of the Kristen Stewart of the whole movie. She just doesn’t really emote, and her delivery falls flat. All of the supporting cast is great though, and there are quite a few cameos from Family Guy cast members. Also, there’s this super creeper played by Giovanni Ribisi. He’s obsessed with Ted, and wants to steal him to give him to his very pudgy son, Robert. The only thing I wished for was more of his back story. A character that creepy is bound to have numerous issues.

All in all, I thought this was one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in my life. Given the plot, I wasn’t expecting much except for a few cheap laughs. I was surprised at just how funny it is. The only downside is the editing. It’s very choppy, and there are no seamless transitions between scenes. Other than having one of the worst editors in the world, it’s perfect if you just want a good laugh. I give it a 4/5. It’s a great comedy, but stay away if you’re easily offended.


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