I love Robert Englund. I love the fact that he chooses to play the most over the top characters, and he totally pulls it off. Inkubus is no exception. If only the rest of the cast was as good at acting as he is. Besides Englund, another face you might recognize is Joey Fatone. He’s the chubby one from ‘N SYNC. And he’s been the host of a couple shows that never got picked up for a second season. He plays Detective Tom Carretti, the head of a police station that’s about to be demolished. We start the film with him supporting his wife while she gives birth. Things go from boring to hilarious when her stomach gets ripped apart by a demon baby that looks like a Jim Henson reject. The even was so traumatic that he ends up in a mental institution. That’s right, this is one of those telling the end first and re-telling the events type of plot.

The re-telling begins with Carretti screwing one of the deputies. Seriously. Well, actually it looks like he’s having sex with table and she’s just bouncing under him, but whatever. After 10 minutes of exposition, they bring in a teenage boy covered in his girlfriend’s blood. During questioning he tells the cops that a man appeared out of nowhere and decapitated his girlfriend. Of course this sounds way too crazy to be true, but right on cue Inkubus (Englund) walks in with the girl’s head and “surrenders”. Then all types of hell breaks loose.

One officer beats the crap out of the teen. Another gets disemboweled and hung by his own intestines. A shrink gets cut it half by a huge knife. It’s so gory and chaotic, but it works. Here’s the only thing I love about this whole movie: Inkubus is the world’s biggest douchebag. He completely destroys everyone’s life in an instant, and it’s brilliant. The rest of the cast? It’s like they collectively decided to ham it up. It doesn’t work. The rest of the movie is him making everyone hallucinate and kill each other. I think. It’s not clear whether or not there’s actually a demon, or if everything is “a physical manifestation of the demons each person has to face”. While that might be an interesting plot in theory, I don’t understand how killing each other in gruesome ways is facing your demons. Guess I don’t think “deep” enough.

All things considered, this movie isn’t horrible. It’s an interesting premise, Englund is creepy as hell, and the deaths are pretty awesome. What drags it down is the rest of the cast. Everyone overacts, and there’s really not enough character development to feel bad for them. I give it a 3 out of 5. It’s not fantastic, but it’s worth at least a one time watch just to see Englund do what he does best.


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